About Us

News Butterfly is a free user friendly news aggregator / newsreader that lets you browse the latest headlines across several different news categories with all the latest news stories that matter the most ,refreshing behind the scenes. I provides seamless reading experience across all your devices.

News Butterfly niche are categories such as for Entertainment, Sports, Lifestyle, Fashion, Celebrities, Teens, Women, Shopping, Health, Tech, Business, AI, US News, World News and several others. In each category, stories are listed with a headline and small thumbnail, and you can scroll down to view more stories. Swiping between categories is incredibly smooth, with a page-turning animation and superfast load times.

News Butterfly’s Aggregation technology helps to consolidate many news based websites into one page, that can show only the new or updated news which are curated daily from trusted sources . It reduce the time and effort needed to regularly check different news websites for updates, creating a unique information space or personal newspaper.